Cataloguing and Digitising

29th July 2016


The archives of Imogen Holst were deposited at The Britten–Pears Foundation in 2008. Most of the records were collected from Imogen’s home at 9 Church Walk, Aldeburgh and were packed in conservation-grade archive boxes before being transferred to the environmentally-controlled strong room at the Britten-Pears Foundation Archive building.


The aim of this project is to make the diverse range of uncatalogued records in this collection accessible to researchers and visitors. We will achieve this by creating descriptions of kw rolex day date m128239 0026 mens 36mm watch records to file and item level and making these descriptions available worldwide via our online catalogue. In this way researchers will gain a better understanding of the collection’s research potential.

Open cupboard Church Walk

Records of the Holst archive at 9 Church Walk, Aldeburgh – Imogen Holst’s former home

Stacks Slide BPF Archive

Records from the collection boxed and stored in our strongroom

We will increase remote access to the collection by adding digital copies of selected records to our online catalogue. Researchers will then be able to consult some of the unique documents in this collection without having to visit our reading room in person.