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29th July 2016

Imogen Holst collection items

The catalogue of the Holst Archive can be searched on the Britten-Pears Foundation online archive catalogue

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The Holst Archive is extensive comprising many types of material relating to both Imogen and Gustav Holst, therefore in order to help you refine your search for items relevant to your enquiry you may wish to refer to the collection overview below.

Digital copies of many items are be  available to view through the online archive catalogue including;

Correspondence from Gustav Holst to Imogen Holst – RefNo HOL/2/8/2/104

Correspondence from Imogen Holst to Gustav Holst – RefNo HOL/1/5/2/23

Correspondence from Gustav Holst to various people – RefNo HOL/1/5/1

Correspondence from Imogen Holst to various people – RefNo HOL/2/8/1

Imogen Holst’s reports as a ‘music traveller’ during the war – RefNo HOL/2/16/9

Photographs of the Holsts up to the 1940s – RefNo HOL/2/11


RefNo HOL                           Holst Archive Overview

RefNo HOL/1              Gustav Holst

HOL/1/1                    Music manuscripts of GH

HOL/1/2                    Published music of GH, including copies annotated and edited by IH

HOL/1/3                    Libretti for GH’s works

HOL/1/4                    Additional music manuscripts

HOL/1/5                    Correspondence to and from GH

HOL/1/6                    GH’s engagement diaries

HOL/1/7                    GH’s notebooks

HOL/1/8                    GH’s lecture notes

HOL/1/9                    Agreements with publishers for GH works

HOL/1/10                  Lists of GH’s compositions

HOL/1/11                  Copies of GH music manuscripts held elsewhere

RefNo HOL/2              Imogen Holst

  HOL/2/1                    Music manuscripts of IH

HOL/2/2                    Copies of IH music manuscripts held elsewhere

HOL/2/3                    Transcriptions and work in progress on editions and arrangements

HOL/2/4                    Published music of IH

HOL/2/5                    Performance parts for GH works

HOL/2/6                    Manuscript and printed music of other composers belonging to IH

HOL/2/7                    IH’s scrapbooks and scrapboxes

HOL/2/8                    Correspondence to and from IH

HOL/2/9                    IH’s engagement diaries

HOL/2/10                  Journals and travel diaries

HOL/2/11                  Photographs

HOL/2/12                  Personal

HOL/2/13                  Articles, programme notes, lectures and broadcasts

HOL/2/14                  Files concerning GH’s music and legacy

HOL/2/15                  Holst relations

HOL/2/16                  Administrative and work files

HOL/2/17                  Publishers and performing rights

HOL/2/18                  Publications files

HOL/2/19                  Published books by IH

HOL/2/20                  Books and publications by authors other than IH

HOL/2/21                  Aldeburgh Festival programme books

HOL/2/22                  Recordings, including an oral history archive of interviews with people who knew IH

HOL/2/23                  Index cards

RefNo HOL/3                          G and I Holst Ltd.

HOL/3/1                    Financial and Administrative papers

HOL/3/2                    Copyrights

HOL/3/3                    Files re music of IH

HOL/3/4                    Aldeburgh Festival papers

HOL/3/5                    English Music Theatre Company papers

RefNo HOL/4                          Holst Foundation

HOL/4/1                    Financial and Administrative papers

HOL/4/2                    Company Assets

HOL/4/3                    Holst Foundation correspondence, including some correspondence from IH in her capacity as director of the Foundation.

HOL/4/4                    Enquiries

HOL/4/5                    Papers on GH

HOL/4/6                    Holst Legacy

HOL/4/7                    Holst family associates

HOL/4/8                    Death of IH, including letters of condolence

HOL/4/9                    Holst publications

HOL/4/10                  Copies of correspondence

RefNo HOL/5              Rosamund Strode

HOL/5/1                    Research files, including yearly biographical files on IH’s life with some original materials

HOL/5/2                    Interview transcripts and notes, from interviews with people who knew IH

HOL/5/3                    Office files

RefNo HOL/6              Isador Caplan

HOL/6/1                    G and I Holst Ltd. papers

HOL/6/2                    Holst Foundation papers

HOL/6/3                    IH’s will and estate

HOL/6/4                    Office files

RefNo HOL/7              Leslie Periton

HOL/7/1                    G and I Holst Ltd. papers

HOL/7/2                    Noel Periton papers